802.11r or 802.11s?


I have some "dumb routers", all wired connected to the main router. I'm using 802.11r. It worked fine for a long time, but i'm getting some problems (sometimes, voip disconnects while roaming).

Should i sticky to the 802.11r or change to 802.11s? I never tried 802.11s. If i change, do i need to config manually or will it use the wire by defaut?


Those are two entire different standards which are really only tangentially related.

802.11r is also known as fast roaming. It is not supported by all clients, but the idea is that it helps make the client roaming process faster by coordinating the APs and clients during the switchover.

802.11s is a mesh protocol. This deals with the APs themselves and is used when the APs are wirelessly linked to each other. This does not (directly) impact client roaming.

Since you said you have your APs wired, you do not need to use 11s. Wired back haul is always better than wireless/mesh.

And Since 802.11r is not universally supported, it may or may not actually help your network, and in some cases may actually make the roaming experience worse. You can experiment with this on/off to see if it makes any noticeable difference.

Roaming is a client side process. You want to make sure your WiFi APs are tuned so that they encourage roaming - that is to say using non-overlapping WiFi channels on neighboring APs, and reducing the power of each ap to cover only the minimum area needed to maintain coverage through the space.


Thank you @psherman. That's what i thought. I will persist on 802.11r. I had some changes on AP's places and i didn't tunned it again. So, it would be better to be sure about using 802.11r or 802.11s.

I just got another AP, TP-Link Archer C6 v3.20 (wich is does not have OpenWRT yet). Is it possible to use 802.11r between them? (All AP's are TP-Link + OpenWRT, only the new one with stock firmware).

This all depends on if the stock firmware on the C6 supports 802.11r. No idea if it does or not.

When combining OpenWrt and non-OpenWrt APs for 802.11r, you may need to consider the interoperability of the mobility domain setting.

Yeah. It's difficult to get this kind of information. I installed it and look's like it's working fine until now. But it still not possible to say it does support. APs ate still too close and i will have to see the best places for them.

@Fiouz thank's for your warning. Will look better later, but maybo it's too advanced for me.