802.11r on MMZ563HV


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I have several terminals wifi Mimo AP MMZ563HV but I can not find the option to activate the 802.11r and how to configure can you help me please?
Currently, I have the version CompexWRT v6.2.12-b190718 is this possible with this version or do you need the previous version or the OpenWRT version?

I saw that openwrt it was necessary to install the wpad package in ssh but I don't have the root password if this well I can do it through the web interface?

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I don't see the MMZ563HV listed as a supported, Compex device.

suggests to me that they are supplying their own firmware, which is not OpenWrt. As a result, it may not have the features present in current OpenWrt. To get features of current OpenWrt, such as turn-key 802.11r, you (or someone else) would likely need to port OpenWrt to that device.

If the Compex-supplied sources for "CompexWRT" are complete and build, the series of 802.11r-related commits can be found with

git log --grep '802.11r'

It may be easier to look at the https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/compex/compex_wpj563 and make changes in the device definition and configuration to port the MMZ563HV to OpenWrt than to port the required changes to the Compex sources.


But I have this product : http://www.compexshop.com/product_info.php?currency=USD&products_id=504

It's possible to install CompexWRT or OpenWRT visibly.

Do you want try this command (git log --grep '802.11r') in my AP via ssh ?


That command would be from within a git checkout of the OpenWrt master branch on a "desktop". It would only be a first step in trying to change the Compex source.

http://www.compexshop.com/product_info.php/cPath/21_66/products_id/448 tells me that the firmware that they supply is not OpenWrt as it uses the Qualcomm Atheros QSDK and proprietary drivers. It is quite possible that there is not sufficient source code available to build the firmware from the source that they supply.

Without knowing all the differences between the MMZ563HV and other "ath79" devices, it is not possible to know what would be involved in porting that device to OpenWrt. I am guessing that "563" refers to the use of a QCA9563 in the device. Unfortunately, all-in-one routers aren't like PCs where pretty much any OS for an x86_64/AMD64 device will run on any x86_64/AMD64 PC. Each router needs very specific firmware for its own board wiring, chips, and flash layout. Flashing firmware for another device may permanently "brick" your device, or destroy critical data required for wireless operation.

There does not seem to be an official pure OpenWrt in downloads.openwrt.org for this device. The Atheros drivers are licensed to the OEM only, free OpenWrt would use ath9k and ath10k instead. Which would make wifi configuration and operation somewhat different.

The latest stable version of OpenWRT, 12.09 Attitude Adjustment, is used in CompexWRT.

Ouch. You could ssh in to the stock firmware and see if that is still the case. 12.09 is a very old version.

Hello, I have this version and I have a error in my Terminal via Putty on SSH mode