802.11r (Fast Roaming) on different subnets

I want to setup 802.11r. I have several WiFi access points. Each of them is in it's own subnet and runs a separate dhcp server. My question is: Is it possible to setup 802.11r so that each device request a new dhcp address when switching to another access point?

No, because the whole point of the fast roaming is to keep the connections alive.
If you move to another network you'd have to release the IP and ask for a new.


Ok, that's what I thought. If I don't care much about keeping the connections alive, is there any technology (AP side) to trigger clients to switch to another access point?

If you reduce the power of the AP so that coverage doesn't overlap, clients will have to switch anyway.

I'm afraid this is not a viable solution for my use case. All my access points are mobile mesh points (batman-adv). I know that you typically have a single net for a mesh network, but I decided on using different subnets since some devices are sending large amounts of broadcast messages that don't want to propagate through the mesh.