802.11k neighbor report does not work

I have 2 APs, both of them declared neighbor report capability in beacon frame. However, client side never get the neighbor report.

I login AP and try to get neighbor information via "hostapd_cli" command
hostapd_cli show_neighbor, the output just show itself, I expect it should have another AP.

Searched, there are some discussions and make me confused.

The 802.11k standard specifies how the neighboring BSS' could report each other to a STA. 
OpenWRT's hostapd supports this feature, but the synchronization has to be done in a separate daemon such as this one.

Currently I installed OpenWrt 22.03.3, should I install other packages? What's meaning for synchronization?

To make 802.11k works, what exact step need to do ?

If manually set neighbor with hostapd_cli, client side use command wpa_cli get neighbor report, it will retrieve the neighbor report.
(a) why AP side, it can not detect neighbour automatically ?
(b) client side, when client send the neighbor request? I check wpa_supplicant source code, not find what condition client send neighbor request to AP, only see from wpa_cli control interface. Maybe this sent by driver? And also I checked tcpdump, when client send association request frame to AP, the neighbor report field in RRM is disabled. I am using ath10k driver. It should support, right? Or have flags need to enabled when build driver?I am assuming client will periodically send neighbor report request , or before roaming, right?

Did you install the full wpad or hostapd and remove the wpad-basic-wolfssl?

Yes, installed full wpad in AP side.
For client side, use wpa_supplicant and ath10k driver

Btw, I updated my description in post 2