802.11ax Routers

I've got RT3200 on a sale, but its range is worse than old Archer C7 v2. Is it only this Belkin/Linksys issue? What would have similar or better range than that Archer ?

I found a KuWfi Tenbay WIFI-6 AX T-MB5EU-V01 used for $10. Used the TFTP method to flash OpenWrt, not issue with it so far.

I got a Linksys MR7350 AX1800

Any chance of support for it? There appears to be a boot log posted at https://openwrt.org/inbox/toh/linksys/mr7350_1.0

Search for IPQ6 in this thread.

Sorry to hear that, I'll get one in the next week.

I just got the netgear WAX202 . The range on 5 Ghz is worse than my antient archer c6 v2.
2.4 Ghz seems to be on pair.

WAX206 is better in the 5ghz!

It depends a lot on your environment.

When I put my WAX202 in the same room , yes It's way better. But having it in a room with brick walls in another room , its not that impressive.

I need to have it in another room 6-7 meter away with two walls , and there it's not any better..

Thanks to fantastic job of few Devs we have IPQ807x-based devices added to the OpenWRT codebase!
https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/11731 was merged and it will be soon available for downloads from the OpenWRT website :slight_smile:


This is big news. Waiting to see what the prevailing WiFi 6 IPQ8x device will be before making any purchase. Been close to moving from my WRT32X to a R4S + Gigabit Switch + U6-Lite combo instead. Looking to use all the storage/ram for docker containers too.

Either way excited to see how this evolves :smiley:

During development the prevailing device was Xiaomi ax3600
But ... don't get over excited (especially with RAM) ... ath11k wifi driver is improving but it is still memory hungry.
But ... the overall performance + the fact it is an AX device is great!

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For the price Dynalink DL-WRX36 is way better


This is my AX3600 after running 5 days as AP. Sure, it is using more memory than C7, but it also has more memory. Leaks are gone. So it is running quite stable, at least as an semi-dumb AP. Real-world WiFi throughput is double of Archer C7 (for usual mobile devices). Using 802.11ax 80MHz on 5GHz band and bandwidth is around 820Mbit/sec in real money (iperf3). This is almost enough to saturate Gbit so it is well-rounded as AP.

None of my mobile devices (iphones, ipads etc) can do more than 2x2 802.11ax 80Mhz anyway...utilizing full ax 3x3 would mean new device with 2.5Gbit uplink, new 2.5G capable smart switch etc. It is another kind of money. So for fully utilizing my 1Gbit ISP and Gbit internal network, this is sweet spot money-wise.


I looked at the specs and it looks pretty good.
Can you tell me if it works in DFS / repeater / WPS mode with the original firmware

No idea about the stock FW as I removed that from the start, but its just QSDK from the factory

Are you running OpenWrt on the DL-WRX36?

Yes, @frollic linked the whole thread but its working and I am using it as my home AP

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I'm finding the RT3200 has much better range than the Archer C7 v4. Perhaps the v2 was far superior than the v4?

Unfortunatly i cannot find it in europe

The Mercusys MR70X, a AX1800 device, cheap in parts of Europe (<40€).
Not officially supported, but you can use a d-link openwrt firmware.

Reliable **router**, less than €50 - #19 by frollic + the feed back further down.

There's also PR open for official support.