802.11ax Routers

Yes, and this is true. 2.4GHz is provided by MT7615-like hw integrated in MT7622 SoC, and that's 4T4R 802.11bgn (potentially VHT rates could work on 2.4 GHz, but I think this is neither supported by the driver nor intended in the 802.11 spec). So for sure HE rates on 2.4GHz are not possible with the UniFi 6 LR.


Is there a chance for Linksys MR7350 to be supported? I'm looking for not-to-expensive replacement (using tp-link archer c2 v3 now).

total test: https://github.com/neheb/openwrt/commit/14ccaad68c3cf9c91bfacf69b45ba25c7cf3cedb

It doesn't work right. ethernet mac address is randomly generated. wifi does not come up.

No idea what's wrong honestly.

edit: factory image is wrong as well.

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If anyone's adventerous, Amazon have a Rockspace AX1800 router for $30.

Don't forget to check the coupon checkbox, to receive the discount.

EDIT: Apparently Broadcom - https://fcc.report/FCC-ID/2AUA9-RQZY004

Hello Jeff1,
can you tell me how you get root access on the l e7350,
did you find any uart connector on it.

It looks like neither Belkin RT3200 nor Linksys E8450 is on sale in EU (checked here), maybe it was rebranded for EU?

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No, the availability in Europe is just really low. (I managed to get RT3200-UK in June, but E8450 has not been much available anywhere. The UK version also has the "normal" German/Nordic plug.)

See Amazon UK:

(curiously, it exists in the UK, but not in the current EU area :frowning: )

I purchased Belkin RT3200 from Amazon UK and updated it with firmware from https://github.com/dangowrt/linksys-e8450-openwrt-installer.

Working beautifully! With WPA3-SAE security and super-fast 802.11ax radio this is the best AP I ever had.


BELKIN RT3200 unavailable in France and high price 129.99 £ / 152.74 Euros compared to the Tenbay mentioned above

I suspect stock firmware is doing something really dodgy GDPR-wise so they are just not selling it in EU.

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Just got a Asus RT-X89X (IPQ8074 - QCN5024/QCA8337), hopefully I can find an useful way to contribute.

I'm looking to buy a Linksys E8450 (US version of Belkin RT3200) when it gets back in stock, however I wonder how's SQM performance of this thing.

Another thing I need is VLAN tagging on the WAN port, currently I have a Mikrotik hAP ac2 but I'm running it with stock ROS since ISP now requires tagging VLAN 999.


I got an RT-AX88U yesterday to replace my WRT3200. The Asus router is nice. Runs Linux 4.1.52 but only Broadcom blobs released with the GPL source. I'm missing OpenWRT though.


hello @geminis3 i have a belkin rt3200 the sqm performances is very good

look my thread "new test router for bufferbloat"

sqm = max 550 /600 :wink:

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Yea sadly for WiFi 6 the only choices still are Asus AX58U or AX88U and install Asuswrt-Merlin (which acually can do SQM cake now too). Maybe the Netgear XR1000 with DumaOS is promising, not sure.

In open source land of OpenWrt (and DD-WRT I think) there is currently no viable option if you want all the features with a strong SOC, good RAM, storage, USB3, etc.

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My S10-E connects at 1.2Gbs to router (supports AX):

Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax (2.4/5GHz),VHT80 MU-MIMO,1024QAM
Up to 1.2Gbps Download / Up to 1.2Gbps Upload

I just miss OpenWRT. :frowning:

That's with CAKE or fq_codel?

Have u performed iperf3 benchmark? I measured max ~350-380mbps from hAP ac2 with OpenWrt to my Exynos S10e (I think Snapdragon uses the same Broadcom chip tho).

with cake and piece of cake

with fq codel if i remember my values he was more important

look this if i can you help

Capture d’écran 2021-08-18 à 21.24.47

Capture d’écran 2021-08-18 à 21.25.40


Using Ookla speedtest from the browser on the phone I get the full ISP bandwidth upload and download. My ISP charges for 400/20 but I usually get 475/25. The phone sees the full bandwidth. My S10-E is Qualcomm.

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