802.11ax Routers

Wow.....looking forward to the Buffalo WXR-5950AX12.....this is the one with 10G WAN + 10G LAN port!

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it was announced in Q4 2019, pretty sure it's already out.

I mean waiting for the OpenWrt support on it.....I live in Japan so I've seen it in stores quite some time ago.

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https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=commit;h=f490295bf213c5e181d16cbe53c163c1c9983e45 submitted ~3 weeks ago.

Yes this is what I found, wait for the snapshot image to come out then I can try.

they are already there ... 802.11ax Routers - #628 by frollic

added a techdata entry to the wiki - https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/buffalo/buffalo_wxr-5950ax12_1

also requested a > 1gbit port entry to be added to the wiki, currently this we can't properly describe > 1gbit ports in the device entries.

Oh....I went to Table of Hardware page to search which didn't yield any result.....

But the recovery method is not mentioned there, or this cannot be bricked, I can always use TFTP to recover?

it'd probably be the TFTP used for installing openwrt.

We know, that's why I linked to the dir with the files, in my reply to @slh.

ToH isn't always up to date, I added three of these devices to the list, long after the support was added to openwrt.

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Out of this range, dynalink_dl-wrx36 is the cheapest, and best bang for the buck?
Compared to pervious Openwrt favourite Rt3200, is this a better device?

Dunno, don't own the rt3200, but the wax206 and the Reyee RG-E5, the Dynalink just "feels" better ,)

if running adblock with large list won't the device with larger ram will perform better?

Netgear does have the https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/installation/installation_methods/nmrpflash flash tool though, which can be a life saver sometimes.

probably not perform better, but it'll fit more entries

in the case of the 206, it got a backup firmware, if you reset it, the main one gets overwritten with the backup.

Maybe I'm wrong, but for the buck ASUS RT-AX53U feels a crazy option :slight_smile:

Yes, it runs even fine at my 1Gbit/s FTTH connection.

I got an RT3200 for $67 in January and am loving it so far, using it in a multilevel home on my 1Gbps down + 40Mbps up internet, with various smart devices around the house (lights, speakers, thermostat), and a couple of ethernet & wireless clients. Of course the further away from the router the slower the 5Ghz network, but it's still quick and usable anywhere in the house thanks to beamforming and other neat stuff.

This is the list of preferred AX taken from the community:

  1. Netgear WAX202 and WAX206
  2. KuWFI T-MB5EU
  3. Belkin RT3200 / Linksys E8450

This 5 are SO popular that currently in EU is 100% impossible to find any of them, at least somewhat budget (to the prices they used to be like 1 year ago). Still everyone keep talking about them regularly.

Probably the new "Belkin RT3200" is going to be, from my point of view, the Xiaomi AX3600. I've been reading the threads and it feels that is by far the new most commented AX alternative. So now it can be found around $80-100 easily, so I will be purchasing one "just in case" out of pure FOMO. It will probably be around $150 or completely impossible to be found for 2024

Also I find DL-WRX36 as already stated totally nuts, because is the equivalent to Xiaomi AX9000 but less than half the price (but not available in EU either)

I was wondering: All those routers like Belkin RT3200 that don't have any external antennas, despite of being really powerful internally, do they perform right signal-wise? I'm not 100% confident that a Belkin RT3200 will give a better signal despite of having a MT7622BV chipset compared to for example, an ASUS RT-AX53U like I've pointed out in a previous post, with a MT7905 which performs way worse than RT3200 BUT, it has external antennas!

I was reading this, and obviously, everyone recommending there Belkin RT3200 at $60-$70 which basically is where ASUS RT-AX53U was back then and is right now.

So basically all I can understand right now is that, due to the shortage of "quality cheap AX" routers in EU, there isn't a great candidate to choose from. Both Dynalink and Xiaomi are "definitely" future candidates, but noone would put the hand in the fire for them because they are still not 100% supported at least as Belkin 3200 or the 5 I mentioned in the top.

And other alternatives like ASUS RT-AX53U, are also still not 100% supported, lacking from things like 160Mhz HT

If you want external antennas, have a look at the Reyee E5 / Ruijie RG-EW3200, same device different openwrt image.

As for availability, I actually have two 206s and one Ruijie RG-E5 sitting on a shelf :slight_smile:

Another element only available in US, like Dynalink.

As I said, the only current purchase that is among the top options is AX3600 for EU, the rest are amazing but simply not available. And still I find AX3600 a really risky router with a ton of things to remain unsupported, and maybe never go fully supported in a main version release. But still a top bet for the price. I'm purchasing one unit this week 100% sure. Maybe it will end in the shelf like your 206s :joy: