802.11ax Routers

Dynalink is just rebranding Askey RT5010W, its great HW for that price, doubt you are gonna find better


Between mt76 (Belkin RT3200 / Linksys E8450 etc.) and ath11k (Dynalink DL-WRX-36 etc.), which driver do you guys think performs better when it comes to 802.11ax (HE) mode? Also which driver has lower bufferbloat (related to make-wifi-fast aka fq_codel in mac80211)?

Second. I'm thinking about buying a couple more just to play around with batman-adv. Beastly little canisters for the price and definitely the most viable AX device I've seen so far.

honestly kind of funny, how the Belkin is cheaper in the US. In Europe it's the other way around.
DL-WRX36 for 69€, while devices with an MT7622 and MT7915 cost 100€ (or more) and the Belkin RT3200 hasn't been even available to buy in the last couple of weeks/months. The Netgear WAX206 is available though and there is an open PR for it, so support is nearly ready :slight_smile:
Ok usually devices with an IPQ807x cost way more than the dynalink and the xiaomi, but still: the cheapest MT7621/MT7905 combo in Germany is the MR70X from Mercusys (TP-Link related hw) for 46€ while others with that combo sit around 60/70€

I'm going to get a Dynalink soon as well. I'm looking forward to comparing it to my Asus RT-AX53U and the Netgear WAX202 from a friend.

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Not found DL-WRX36 in Europe for 69€ ...

the cheapset option for MT7621 CPU & MT7915E Radio is the D-Link DAP-X1860. While it has only one LAN-Port and sits in front of the power outlet, its wifi is very powerful. Costs < 30 EUR.

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DE Amazon.



Xiaomi ax3200 is ~48€ here in Poland and with recent mt76 improvements It's nice alternative to mt7621+mt7915 for basically the same price :smiley: . btw I've got mercusys mr1800x (mr70x) for ~24€ in dec. 2021 and It's more than 40€ atm.

OOS now anyway.

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The dynalink will probably be available again soon. I plan on buying one, once it hits master, so I can build Gluon for it :slight_smile:
Availability of certain routers has been spotty lately. (they aren't always in stock, shipping seems to have some hiccups still)

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@Annick Xiaomi ax3200

If anyone in the UK is looking for a bargain on Xiaomi ax3600... £59.99 seems like a good deal for a brand new & unpacked device :slight_smile:

Of course the description is slightly wrong - it is an AX router, not just AC :slight_smile:

@Double-G @nicefile thx for letting me know about those ax devices. I'll check them out.

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sorry, but what does the photo say exactly? It's a dumb question.

pg 3 shows the SoC, a Broadcom chip, which won't be supported by openwrt, at least not with wifi intact.

who makes the decision on which model not to support? It's a dumb question. Thanks.

In the case above, Broadcom, since they won't add support for their hw to the Linux kernel.


Thanks. It's very difficult to pick out a model/brand that supports Wifi 6 and MU-MIMO from the vast table. Any recommendation?

with openwrt support ?

in addition to the list, there's also the Ruijie RG-EW3200GX, there might be others I'm unaware of.
not yet supported devices, being worked on, can be found at https://openwrt.org/inbox/start

The recent addition of ipq807x support has added almost 10 new devices (from cheap to high-end) to that list, with a few others in (various stages of) flight.