802.11ax Routers

How many colors...

Can you explain the config of mesh please :sweat_smile::muscle:

Routeur WiFi 6, KuWFi 1800Mbps Ax1800 Smart Dual Band WiFi 802.11ax

I was gifted a Netgear RAXE500 and got a tracking number through my email. I've already started the return process but it being a family member who will see that I returned it I am wanting to make sure that it will never make it to openwrt.

Wait two more weeks until the short-term confidentiality is over and we should be able to look at the internal FCC photos and tell exactly what components it has and what the chances are for it to ever support OpenWrt or not...


I wonder which of the routers Xiaomi AX6000 or Xiaomi AX9000 has more chances to get OpenWrt support / official firmware? Thanks for your opinion!

AX9000 as its IPQ8072A based while AX6000 is IPQ5018 based.
BTW, there is already work on it, QCN9024 PCIe card being the biggest issue currently.

Yes, I know. However, unless I missed anything the RAXE500 is not (yet) listed anywhere.



at this day i have with low cost :

2 * Tenbay KuWFi AX1800 v2.0 ( aliexpress )
1 * Tenbay KuWFi AX1800 V1.0 ( amazon)

Fine with USB port and but bad design
The spi memory is insufficient to install luci-app-samba4
I therefore upgraded with a 32 MB

2 * Cudy X6

2 * HUASIFEI-AX-1800

Wifi speed is correct about 3 times faster than in 5Ghz AC

And you run OpenWrt on all of those?

Pretty sure it's the samba4 + all dependencies that's filling up the flash, not the luci app :slight_smile:

Depends on the AC device you're comparing it with, doesn't it?

i use OpenWrt with all:

Tenbay with 32M

Cudy X6

HuasiFei -> mt7621_xwrt_wr1800k-ax-nand.dts

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A somewhat off-topic question: Is there any 11ax / WiFi 6 Wave 2 devices out there currently?


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Someone mentioned the WAX214 & WAX218 (IPQ6018, don't know the wifi). Well, netgear has something on their download site for them. It's openwrt based, there's no sources, and it appears to run Linux 4.4 and use gcc 5.2, holy shit this is a prehistoric thunder-turd. From WAX218_V2.0.1.0_source.tar.gz, we get files like: build_dir/target-arm-openwrt-linux-muslgnueabi_gcc-5.2.0/root-ipq/lib/modules/4.4.60/

Same general story with WAX610, WAX620, WAX630. This time the source download is actually sources at least, but again almost everything in this archive is >5 years old too.

I was rather hoping. I almost went out & bought a WAX214, given that they're cheap & 802.11ax, and qualcomm, but wow, not gonna hold my breath any longer having seen that.

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Since you've both AX3600 and E8450 running, which one would you recommend? Pros and cons?


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Well, from a hardware point of view the AX3600 is clearly much more capable. However, from a software point of view it is the other way around. The E8450 is already merged into the master branch and available in snapshots so one does not need to do his own builds. OpenWrt for the AX3600 on the other hand is still in heavy development. Another thing is the initial installation. While trivially easy for the E8450, the AX3600 pretty much requires serial access (BTW: 1.8 volts only!) and is quite a little bit more involved. So unless you are familiar with low-level OpenWrt stuff I would not recommend the AX3600 for now.


i have recently purchased D-link dir-x1560 which has good space and ram and also mesh router.

Hope some body help or is there any wip?
please guide

Chances for that are just about zero.