802.11ax Routers

Xiaomi is releasing WIFI 6E router.

Dear all,
How is it possible to list all AX routers already supported by OpenWrt? I tried this filter, but it lists only two I-O Data WN-AXnnn devices. Is that current state of art?
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Those are plain AC devices. Click on the link in the last column, and you'll see.

AFAIK there is not a single AX router supported yet. There's development on a few, yes. The first AX AP though got merged: UniFi 6 Lite.


There are no ax routers supported by 19.07, but snapshot support is rolling in. E.g. Linksys E7350 or D-Link DIR-X1860 interest

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Netgear have announced a Wifi 6E router: https://www.netgear.com/home/wifi/routers/raxe500

RAXE500 data at FCC:

(Apparently no internal photos, yet)

quadcore 1.8GHz so it will sadly be broadcom

Qualcomm Wifi 6e pro 610 and pro 810 has also 1,8 Ghz quad core:

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Linksys has also announced a wifi 6e router, AXE8400:


didn't saw this and this is very good news :slight_smile:

So something should pop up at Index of /snapshots/targets/ramips/mt7621/ (openwrt.org) soon?


Hi guys,

I recently purchased a Netgear WAX214 AX1800 Access Point and it have OpenWRT running inside. The interface is a bit branded but you can find a lot of references to OpenWRT and Luci in both URL's or the way that you save changes and apply later or the log (see below). It runs a IPQ6018 chipset. There is another version: WAX218 with more speed that I suspect that runs the same chipset, so WAX214 is capped at some point. Do you thing it would be possible to replace the Netgear interface with a clean OpenWRT?



I have the WAX214 too and its clearly and openwrt based system. But i don't think its the same hardware than the WAX218, i don't expect this WAX214 to have 4x4 antennas.

In the future it may be possible to use openwrt on the unit, but there's no support for the IPQ6XXX soc, and i wouldn't use it as probably the performance would be worst.

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Yep, I’ve searched for IPQ6018 specs and it is a 2x2.

Anyway the amount of errors that log shows is crazy. Hope we will be able to install a clean version in a near future :slight_smile:

Yep, they have to fix things and tune a bit the software. But im really really happy with this AP. Getting Gigabit speeds near the AP on wifi 6.

Replacing the interface would be purely cosmetic, if you're assuming the actual code underneath is OpenWrt. You're probably looking at an SDK based on an older OpenWrt version, with lots of binary blobs. It's not the OpenWrt parts that make it easily portable; it's all the proprietary stuff that makes it difficult to port.


According to Netgear's website it seems to look exactly like old RAX120 :slight_smile:

Just had a look and there's no GPL released yet by Netgear for the WAX214 so that doesn't help.

When they do, it will more than likely benefit the Xiaomi AX1800 as it's IPQ6018 based also.

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So Linux 5 support mt7915? Then we need to wait until that support gets to OpenWRT?

Or how is the process?

mt7915e (keep in mind that mt7915e/ mt7921e are still very new and driver support for them is still in its early days) should be supported on OpenWrt/ master already, which uses more recent backports versions (and mt76 is updated even more frequently).