802.11ax Routers

I bet on the MI AX3600 as it is cheap, has an open bootloader and is widely used, so a big base of users will cry for support.


Just arrived at this topic, and am kinda lost. It seems there are tons of ax devices available (in the US) already.

searching for "AX1500" on newegg show ax results for d-link and tp-link (from $79~$250)

They also call themselves wifi6.

Are those things the same that is being discussed here? Or am I missing something?

OpenWrt developer working in it said he'd push ath11k support (so 802.11ax) only after 20.xx had been branched.

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Yes. The naming convention for wifi was simplified for the consumer some time ago, and 802.11ax = wifi 6.

While there are a lot of devices that support ax, they need to have a supportable chipset to even have a fighting chance at getting support. Most devices I've found are using Broadcom of some description which basically rules them out entirely.
Then someone needs to go to the effort of supporting the device.

Buying a device today and hoping for support will either be a long wait or an infinite one.

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Do you have any advice about a router with armv8, wifi 6 which is supported or it will be support by openWRT?

I believe none of the Wifi 6 devices is 100% supported by OpenWRT (i.e. support for 10Gbit network, NSS offloading, etc)

I can't say for all types of devices, but for Qualcomm-based devices, it looks like there are two future candidates with high chances to be supported in not far away future:

The level of support and possible timelines depends on external projects progress (i.e. ath11k driver)


Well ipq807x will be supported for sure


So do you recommend to buy the xiaomi ax 3600? Then in the future to migrate to openWRT?

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To be honest, if i see how many features don’t even work on stock firmware, I’d wait another year for things to mature


what is not working on stock firmware that should?

have a read here: https://www.smallnetbuilder.com/wireless/wireless-features/33222-does-ofdma-really-work-part-1?start=1


I agree with this but I think we have plenty of time to see if other routers come out by the end of the year or even an upgraded Xiaomi router, so I think people should just keep waiting in general until 2021 unless they need a new router right now.

I have used a X18G with openwrt

That is not possible, as neither the Mercury X18G nor 802.11ax in general are supported by OpenWrt yet (the necessary hostapd/ mac80211 patches are sitting in a staging tree). Having an OEM firmware loosely based on OpenWrt is not the same as OpenWrt support, if that were the case, all of the ipq807x, ipq60xx and ipq50xx devices would have been supported already, but they aren't.

Judging from the hardware of the Mercury X18G (mt7621a+mt7915e), it should be supportable (like the TOTOLINK X5000R), but someone will still have to port it over.

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sorry ,but I did it.

Do you mind sharing how ?


Unfortunately it is lacking the source code, could you please upload that aswell?

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NO,it's MTK SDK 4.2,maybe you will find it soon.

I think we have to wait for Wifi 6E routers to come out before we see the next generation of AX OpenWRT routers to show up.