802.11ax Routers

No point in that, my AX3600 still has not arrived

At the end you brought that ahahahah... Anything in Europe at a decent price?

Yeah, gave in and ordered one from China in June, been stuck in shipping ever since.
Nothing IPQ based other than dev boards(Crazy prices)

Still can't understand the difference between A and plain ipq807x

No idea whats the actual difference, probably temperature rating

There was a page with all the difference... Anyway could be that they are all based to ipq8074 and they are just board with less feature.
Wonder if the new Netgear ax board will be based on ipq

Redmi AX6 ≈ AX3600 - AIoT
Price: 399CNY ≈ 60USD ≈ 50 EUR

Same SoC? Same board?

Apparently yes: https://www.acwifi.net/11167.html

Usually they will use the Mi line board and remove stuff like heatsinks and reduce RAM and/or storage size to make it cheaper

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I think the ipq8071a is to denote the 2nd revision of the chip (the QSDK kernel has some special "fixes" for clocks ect when it sees a V2 chip) and the ax3600 definitely uses the V2 values.

The mainline clock driver assumes V2 values (when comparing to QSDK) anyway.

I did read somewhere that the V1 chips had limited OFDMA support.

The AX3600 is making progress.

  • All 4 ethernet ports work
  • Nand works
  • WiFi somewhat works with ath11k (stations scan OK and AP comes up... But no 160mhz or VHT yet).

Still a lot to do but the ipq807x SoC mainline support is pretty basic at the moment.

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Yeah, its slowly going along, but basic stuff like clock scaling and regulator support are missing.
I should have AX3600 on Monday finally.

Hoping to somehow get access to IPQ8074 board with full features like USB, 2.5 and 10G networking.


Yeah still a lot to do, the good news (at least as far as I'm concerned) is that there is only one unexplainable HW incompatibility with both mainline and the QSDK GPL code. And that's the PCIE bus that connects to the 2nd "AiOT" radio.

Checked stock and QSDK kernel for GPIO and clocks while running and there was nothing noticeably wrong / different.

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Its not going UP or?

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Yeah the Phy fails to start, odd part is that QSDK kernel does exactly the same.

I did have a look around as there is no GPL for this specific device and I couldn't find anything different in any of the GPL drops from other vendors (Asus / Netgear ect) but then again I'm pretty sure those don't use the PCIe bus anyway / have them disabled in DTS.

qcom-pcie 20000000.pci: Phy link never came up

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Hm, that is weird.
Xiaomi used some kind of hack for sure, shame that they dont respect GPL at all


Yeah it's a shame, I have a feeling that they added something odd in uboot as that had logs around looking for PCIe entries in the DTS when loading.

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Need any debug help? I have the AX5 with SSH enabled using the STOK exploit.

Teardown and comparison between AX3600 and AX6