802.11AX and Friendly Opensource Chipset Manufactuers

Hello Fellow OpenWRTers,

Long story short,

I made the mistake of buying the AC3200ACM by Linksys (If you are considering on buying it...Don't). I have had various issues with it since owning it such as 2.4 Ghz Drops or Frequent 2.4 Ghz disconnections. The inability to use a chrome cast or really anything that uses MDNS


  1. I would like to know if OpenWRT supports AX Routers yet? If so which are some really good supported ones with excellent driver support.
  2. What are some of the best vendors of WIFI Chips/Socs in terms of having good open source support?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

hi I recommend the rt3200 from belkin if you are in europe? or linksys e8450 in the united states it is the same and works very well so far

wifi AX already integrated in luci, I hope but not sure that it will be supported in time for the official release of 21.02 because for the moment there is only the snapshot version ...

That is pretty guaranteed not to happen for 21.02.x

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ok but do you think you will have a version like 02.21.3 or other in the months following the supported release?

Not very likely to happen for the 21.02.x release branch, the rt3200 needs kernel 5.10 for its NAND support - bringing that in particular (and all the other things necessary in hostapd, luci, mt76, etc.) back into v5.4, as used for the 21.02.x releases, wouldn't be wise (not impossible, but very unlikely). This is more something for the next (major) release after 21.02.x, so 22.xy.0 or 23.xy.0, whatever/ whenever that's going to be.

as you say little problem does not mean impossible and given the craze of the router that a lot of people have, unless you have a new router router even more powerful of the 1.5 ghz triple processor style I do not see which one is above , never mind

That is not just a little problem, it basically implies doing very invasive changes (especially hostapd) at a rather late point in the release process.

Given the popularity of this device among developers, I won't go as far as ruling it out categorically, but it's not a good idea at all - it entails a huge regression potential for supported/ unrelated devices and would be quite an antithesis of release management and the documented release policies. There'll always be a $next release.