802.11AC 4x4 Device

I am looking for an OEM openwrt router that has 4x4 802.11AC built in, and at least 1 Gigabit Ethernet port. I prefer something that is OEM / White Label verse something name brand. We should be able to buy this device new in bulk quantities. Cheaper cost the better.

We are using MT7621 based devices today, which are only 2x2 802.11AC, and getting them for around $30 in bulk. We want something with 4x4.

Anyone have recommendations?

Well there's the D-Link DIR-878 A1 with a PR pending, but I have no idea how mature MT7615 support is at this point in master (which just saw a mt76 driver bump). There's a forum topic here as well.

The DIR-882 A1 is virtually identical apparently apart from offering an actual USB 3 port (the DIR-878 just has a header but no actual connector I was told).

I got the 878 myself, and as soon as I sort out some buildroot issues I'll be test driving it again to replace my 2x2 RT-AC57U.

Here is a jcg jhr-ac876m 4x4 wifi router that support for has been added


I'm currently using this firmware with some modifications on another currently unsupported device - still having some minor issues to fix like the vlan switch which has 4 ports instead of 1


https://wikidevi.wi-cat.ru › CC&C_...
CC&C WA9555 - WikiDevi.Wi-Cat.RU

what bulk numbers, cost are you looking to acquire at ?