802.11(WiFi) Inactivity polling ,how to know if STA is still in range (connected ,active)

There is a parametr in wifi setting which checks is STA is still in range (connceted)
by default it is 300 seconds (evry 5 minutes)
Station inactivity limit in seconds: If a station does not send anything in ap_max_inactivity seconds, an empty data frame is sent to it in order to verify whether it is still in range. If this frame is not ACKed, the station will be disassociated and then deauthenticated.

The qwestion is how do i do it myself ,can i send that polling command (empty frame ) and get the result (if station is connected or not )
Not by timer but when i need it any time and get result ?
maybe some kind of command via hostapd

Check hostapd_cli, idle poll is not related to rkv in any way.

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It is not, but I just need it for using in wifi roming.
hostapd_cli, idle poll is a command ?

I cant find any usage of hostapd_cli for openwrt .

Please type extra copy in your own language, this translation does not make sense.

hostapd_cli is in package hostapd-utils, it has nice help text included.

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Thank a lot! I found the command:

root@kikas_1:~# hostapd_cli -p /var/run/hostapd -i wlan0 poll_sta XX:52:2X:09:59:XX

i guees i can parse the answer

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:rofl: you have our moral support parsing it

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