802.11 k/v/r do we need a specific hardware for these to run in the AP?

I am trying to use Openwrt to make a wireless mesh . Now there is a requirement for seamless roaming. I can find the 802.11r option in the device using MT7628A and MT7612E. But for 802.11k and v i cannot find any option and i am not sure which device to buy which will be able to support these features.
Is there any specefic hardware that is needed for 802.11 k/v or is it just a software application / layer ?

Ok after some research i found that 802.11 k /v is hardware specific. So do any one know any device that supports 802.11 k + v + r .
MT7628AN support 802.11 k + r
MT7612E also support 802.11 k + r
I want a chip-set that support Wireless Management ( 802.11 v ) as well .

Thank you .

80211v works with MT7612E in the last mt76 driver implementation... The problem is with the devices... In my tests, only the iphones can respond to v requests... Some galaxys also respond, but only with the last updates...