7620 driver issues

I agree. The Mediatek routers can be has for so dirt cheap that it makes overlooking the woefully inadiquite drivers tempting. Amazon USA has used Netgear R6230's which are fully supported by OpenWRT for $21 w/ free shipping right now (April 2021) which are AC1200 class and have 128mb ram and 128mb flash and have 2 external antennas, however each antenna has 2 separate antenna elements inside it with 2 wires per antenna so its really a 4 antenna setup. also a single usb 2.0 port and 4 port gigabit switch. I have seen them go for as low as $12 and other MTK routers like the R6120, another AC1200 class but with 8mb flash and 64mb ram, go for $9 w/ free shipping! If there were great or even just good drivers for these things they would be the de-facto OpenWRT go to device for stupid Access Points or entry-level home routers.
I_really_like_the idea of a crowd-sponsored Mediatek set of drivers. It's clear that by the time the current drivers are of great quality the hardware they support would probably be obsolete. I'd be willing to pony up $20 or more to go to quality drivers I wonder who else would too?
I would submit that we not however focus any attempt on N class drivers or below as they are just to little too late in my opinion. Lets focus on 802.11AC only for now.

At this point (and actually for at least the last 3 years), I would skip mt7620 in favour of mt7621 - at least when buying in single digit quantities (more performance, dual-core, modern/ actively developed mt76 driver).