7620 driver issues

Hello.. I am no developer but after years of watching the 7620 driver being from shit to shit over several releases of Openwrt, why do you still publish the frimware it and waste my(our) time?

I apreciate the work but if you can NOT do it, take it off your list and don't waste our time and money investing on the routers you publish as "compatible" devices..


Because it's price...

Original 7620 drivers runs on totally outdated Linux kernel versions like 2.6.36.

And manufacturer didn't provide source code or updated driver for newest versions.

That's it! Blame them!

That open source implementation of 7620 is made from heroic forces of opensource devs.


Hi!I`m not developer.However, I also noticed that the driver is not all right. I think that if you described the problem, then maybe someone could solve it after some time.
The more detailed you describe, the better. This way you will do a good cause.

Regards, KlenKlenov.

Well devs are struggling to provide better open-source driver without manufacturer assistance/documentation.

So only one that need to be blame is manufacturer. If you stop purchase devices with that chip will be great for everyone!


Guys, I admire the "heroic" work done by the developers and blame noone. But the bottom line is that the 7620 chipset is basically not supported in Openwrt. Yes i get a Wi-Fi signal but the speeds are from 1970!! So why push a firmware that basically is of no use? Just dont push it out!

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You should try snapshot. It comes with up-to-date rt2x00 driver from Linux 5.4
Also you have to enable 40MHz band and Force 40MHz option in wireless setting for better speed
On some Android devices, 40MHz is disabled by default and you may need root access to enable it

Because it works well for some people in some environments.


How do I do that on Android?

re-opening this discussion...

18.06.09 the driver works well for 1 device... after you connect 2 devices or put some load the wifi crashes (tx queue full). 19.07.7 we get speeds of max 20 Mbps in any configuration that takes us back 10 years!.

What i find ridiculous it that it is still advertised as working... while it is not.

I don't know what devices you are using, but on the latest snapshot I have gotten 400mbps on 5ghz (2x2:2 wifi AC tablet) on MT7615 and up to about 60 to 80 mbps on 2.4ghz with MT7603. I have also just run speed test on 2 devices simultaneously and it had evenly divided the bandwidth between two. I have also had >10 devices connectictibg to the router and nobody had complained about the poor connection.
The driver is not without its problems (I still get weird signal strength reporting in LuCi), but unlike ath10k, I have not seen it crash or noticed any devices avoiding 5Ghz network. For me, that is working and if you don't like how it works for you, don't buy mt76 routers or don't use OpenWRT or other firmwares that might potentially use it, nobody is forcing you to.

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Hi mishakov,

MT7260 driver (RT2800) is SHIT and has always been! Other MT chipsets are better. I have about 1K routers out there with MT7620 and another 700 with MT7688AN. I was hoping that in the 5 years of development (and the numerous complaints about this driver) that the MT7620 driver/chipset would either have been fixed or put as unsupported. Instead people are still purchasing boards with that chipset in the beleive they will work while they are not.

When I read in the Wiki that the chipset was supported i had in my mind that it would work. not 1/2 work!

And i find it disturbing that with the 19.07.7 firmware the driver has been put back to where it was at version 15... and everyone patting it's own back happy with it. Just because it loads????

Pls, be more specific. I also have a lot of MT7620 based routers in the field, mainly ZBT WE826 variants. With my own, customized images, for hotspots. Not very demanding regarding speed, and max. no of users, though. But I can not complain, especially, when considering the price.

Hi reinerotto,

We got these routers with openwrt 14 and the original Mediatek drivers (or a variant off) a few years ago. Download speeds are at around 20Mbps upload a bit higher.
We tested 18.06.9 and found that the download speeds were over 50 mbps so we proceeded to spend lots of time customizing and building the firmware.... BIG MISTAKE! If you have more than 1 connection the wifi crashes and reboot is the only recovery .... i agree... we shold have tested before!

Since we spent so much time on 18 it was easy(er) to get the 19.07.7 going.... but the download speed is back down to 20Mbps again.

We can not afford to upgrade the router to 5G modules yet but i wanted to at least upgrade them to a cat6.. but what's the point with 20Mbps download speed.

Can you please tell me your results and what firmware you're using?

BTW. maybe we can collaborate with the hotspots? Thats my "bread and butter"...

On a WE826, just flashed with my custom image, built from trunk, I have about 25MBit/s down, 10MBit/s up. Measured on my win-laptop, connected via WiFi to the router, which is wired to the ISPs router. ISP promises max. 100MBit/s downstream.
This traffic does NOT pass thru coova-chilli on the router.

Hi reinerotto,

About the same speed i am getting now with 19.07.7

on 18.06.09 i was getting above 50 but after 2nd device connects i get:

rt2x00queue_write_tx_frame: Error - Dropping frame due to full tx queue 2

YES. The bug that has been around for years now.

Never seen this one.

Please, remember those drivers were developed by volunteers, on their free time, and offered to you for free. Perhaps you would like to rethink the tone of your messages.


yes, you are right... i did not mean any offence.... if i did, i apologize.

I am just terribly frustrated that things are going back instead of forward....

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This is unfortunately one of the downfalls of open source, there is often little to no incentive for innovation and nothing motivates quite like money , of which there is none when it comes to developing most open drivers like these.

But this is not a "Must". There is always the option for some type of
Anyway, it is also a question of requirements. In the case of the MT7620, I consider it to be good enough for my basic requirements, especially considering the price of the hardware base. My workhorse here, a WE826, is about $25 free of factory, having 128MB RAM, and 16MB of flash.