64MB RAM upgrade for TP-LINK WR841ND OpenWrt free firmware Wifi router

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Hi. thanks for the video. i have the TP-Link WR841N v10 router. i tried to upgrade from 32MB to 64MB ram. the replacement chip i used is Samsung K4H510838D-UCCC recycled from 1 module memory DIMM 1GB ddr1 2.6v kingston (they have 16 chips of them, 8 from each side). but after this mod, only 1 led power state stay on forever and nothing shows in the screen TTL console..i know the Samsung K4H511638C-UCB3 (From Samsung DDR SO-DIMM 512 MB) is already tested but comparing the datasheets seems to be the same chips. maybe i damaged the chip, a bad solder or memory incompatible? thank you.

There's a big difference there. The 08 version is an 8 bit data bus. It will not work. The CPU in the router expects to read or write 16 bits per cycle, which is supported by the second chip.

Also of note the 51 in the first part of the number means 512 Mib, or 64 MiB. Same storage capacity, but the data is arranged differently.

thanks you. i am was starting feeling frustrated. ok now, i buyed memory module of 512MB ram Sodimm hynix (PC2700S-25330) 333Mhz cl 2.5 model HYMD564M646CP6-J AA... with 8 chips x 64MB model HY5DU121622CTP-J. not in the list of tested yet. it should they work?

i have also a TP-Link TL-WA830RE V2 and i plan to upgrade too. its not documented the ram upgrade.