64MB RAM mod for ASL-26555

Hi, I was thinking of doing the 64MB ram mod as I have 2 ASL26555's that I use as dumb AP's. After the mod, does it automatically enable all 64MB? Would I be able to make future OpenWrt builds without much trouble?


If you do the modification correctly, it has to work, if not, they would not publish it. And if you make your own builds it will also be good. Anyway the hardware improvements are always good. But don't expect standard firmware to adapt to user modifications, if someone manages to change flash memory instead of ram memory.

Feasibility of this hardware modification depends on four things:

  • the hardware actually allowing this (apparently given for this device)
  • the OEM bootloader being prepared to correctly initialize the additional RAM (apparently given for this device)
  • the chosen replacement RAM module being compatible (depends on your ability to read data sheets, pick and guess)
  • not breaking the device during the soldering process (you need some practice before trying this, RAM modules aren't really beginner friendly to (un-)solder)

That said, this particular device in question is pretty low-end, with unreliable 802.11n single-band (2.4 GHz only) wireless and completely unsupported ADSL modem hardware - does it really make sense to put so much effort (and cost, if you end up having to buy RAM, soldering supplies, etc.) into such a device? E.g. the fully supported (including VDSL2+vectoring modem hardware) BT Home Hub 5 Type A sells for under 10 GBP (plus shipping, which is slightly above that figure if you aren't in the UK, but continental Europe), but it gives you 2*500 MHz, 128 MB flash, 128 MB RAM and good 802.11ac concurrent dual-band wireless...

Unless you're bored and want to learn soldering (and already have all needed chips and supplies 'free(!)' from your personal recycling collection), I don't seem any value in spending time or money on this particular device, as there are much better ones on the used market for very cheap (<10 EUR, plus reasonable shipping costs).

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I will probably do the mod just to don't throw out two of my AP's. I am interested because if I try some high RAM usage things it crashes because it's out of memory.