60 GHz configuration example

Hi there,

is there a full example for a working 60GHz radio configuration?

Would the htmode have to be omitted or set to NONE?

config wifi-device 'radio0'
    option band '60g'
    option channel '2'
    option htmode 'NONE'
    option phy 'phy0'
    option type 'mac80211'

Thanks in advance

Please provide the make/mode of the supported OpenWrt device that has 60 GHz radios?

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I don't have one yet unfortunately, I am trying to make OpenWISP play well with this type of configuration which I see has been introduced in OpenWrt 21.

@lleachii is the 60GHz configuration dependent on the hardware used?

It depends on how far into the future your time machine can get you.

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@frollic the wiki mentions that 60 GHz is an available value for "band": https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/basic, so that means this configuration was made available in OpenWrt and no documented for no use at all?

AFAIK, currently, no.
Unless it's some kind of typo, but probably a feature of the sw behind the parameters.
Not reflected in any currently supported hw.

There are 60ghz radios, if you google it, but they appear to be point to point solutions.

Yes, you need a 60 GHz radio (i.e. WiFi chip) to transmit and receive at 60 GHz. This is why I asked you to identify the hardware.

Here's a hardware which supports 60 GHz according which was pointed out to me on IRC:
https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/tp-link/tp-link_ad7200_talon .

Anyone knows a sample radio UCI configuration for such a device?

Netgear X10/R9000 support it too, you might find some useful info in Netgear X10 (R9000)

There's also a build for the MikroTik LHGG60 (ipq40xx target-- much different from the 2.4 and 5 GHz LHG models). I have some Cube 60s which look to be very similar hardware. So I tried the LHGG60 initramfs on one of my Cubes-- it did boot up and give SSH access, but no wifi at all was configured. I didn't investigate further, mostly I was wanting a backup of the flash with stock firmware.

If anybody has a configuration sample generated from LuCi please let me know!

Why do you need a 60 GHz example if you do not have 60 GHz hardware?

Just curious.

It's not just for me, I maintain a project called OpenWISP which allows to manage OpenWrt based devices. We are working on adding support to the new "band" syntax of OpenWrt and I want to implement this properly if possible also for 60 GH, with the hope that will be useful to OpenWrt and OpenWISP users. I also do not own a WiFI6 device yet, but OpenWISP supports this syntax because it's well documented and other users are already using WiFi6.