5GHz wifi routers

Hi there,
i bought Tp-link ac750, that support 5Ghz wifi, but 5ghz wifi is not supported by openwrt on this router. I need openwrt on this routere bc of 802.1x is not supported by manufacturing. Is there any way how i can make that work? if not can you recommend me some router on which will be supported 802.1x and 5ghz wifi?

https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_extended_all -- select your options and confirm support

Maybe Strong 1200?

I think is the cheapest router with 4+1 Gb ports, USB and wlan2.4 & wlan5

Several prefiltered views may speed up your search, see


Does AC750 use MT7610E for its 5GHz WiFi? It's recently supported by mt76 driver.
But you need to modify dts and compile the firmware with kmod-mt76x0e by yourself.

Yes it does use MT7610E and just requires someone to add it to the target build so on a Snapshot version it should work.

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