5ghz support on 2.4ghz router?

i have an old wifi repeater that only support 2.4 ghz so if i buy a 5ghz wifi adapter and plug it on it with the driver installer can i connect to a 5ghz network on it ?

It depends on the adapter. Not all support ap mode and many of them have poor performance when used in ap mode.

Save yourself the headache- if you’re buying new hardware, get a WiFi ap or all-in-one WiFi router device that has a 5G radio and is supported by OpenWrt. Even older units will likely have better performance than a usb WiFi adapter.

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i want to use it just as a client not ap mode

In that case it might be okay. Just make sure you do your research on the chipset it uses and the drivers required before you buy.


rtl8832au ?

No, just no - realtek wireless is usually not an option and its own episode of hell.

A 2.4-GHz-only router tends to be a low-end and old device, with a slow SOC and USB2, these simply don't have the performance to keep up with a USB WLAN card (especially not over USB2). Really, any penny spent on this would be wasted, get a cheap (not too low-end) concurrent dual-band wireless router (second hand could be fine) and skip the experimenting and trouble - it probably ends up even cheaper than a semi-decent USB WLAN card.

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any recommendations of cheap options for 5ghz access points ¿

It depends on what you're looking for in terms of performance - and even more on the regional availability (second hand markets) around you.

For me, around here in Germany, the D-Link DAP-X1860 regularly goes on sale for ~15 EUR new from big online- and stationary electronics retailers, that is hard to beat for a 802.11ax repeater/ AP (with a single ethernet port this is not suitable as router, nor is it mt7621a SOC the fastest option on the block, but as pure wired AP, they are a good option).

In general, mt7621, mt7622, filogic 8x0, ipq40xx, ipq806x, ipq807x are the primary choices for wireless routers these days - but there might still be very cheap ath79 or lantiq options around you on the second hand markets (e.g. the tl-wdr3600/ tl-wdr4300 is a low-end/ 802.11n tractor (8/128; 8 MB flash is not great) that is selling for very little money in used condition).

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i have now an h556a it's realize old yeah but it's working but good things in the hg556a that it can work as a repeater ( wirelessly) and that's what i like about it.
i use to connect to the main wifi wirelessly then i grab LANs to my pc , tv box etc..
i wonder if there's a 5ghz device that i can do the same with it

DAP-X1860 at those prices is a nobrainer.
They’ve got a web-recovery too so it’s easy to unbrick (unlike TP-Link), and non fuzzy with installing OpenWrt.

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