5GHz Support for TP-Link Archer C2 V1 2nd and other MT7610e devices

Hey guys,

unfortunately the discussion for Archer C1 V1 is discontinued. So I wanted to get newest development news or hints how to get MT7610E chipset to work in a proper way. Unfortunately if you follow the instructions from here:

Openwrt-Wiki-Page of Archer C2

You'll end up in a proper state for Wireless via 2,4GHz, but with 5GHz wifi you are just able to send maximum 9dbm to 10dbm (if you use your actual country code).

Unfortunately that's not enough if you want to use it in a proper way it should also support 20 dBm to 23 dBm or more. Usually we have a 5 dBm Gain Antenne, so I guess we should be able to send around 25 dBm in a legal way of most countries which accept 30 dBm maximum TX-Signal.

Also I wanna ask @gwlim would you also support a SFE-implemented image for Archer C2 or other devices like MI-R3 Router with MT7620 Chipset or explain how we could compile it ourself? - Of course I would really appreciate and be happy for others to support SFE (Flow-Offloading for this device) to increase the performance of device massively!

Thanks again for supporting Archer C7 and as far as I remember also meanwhile Archer D7. :smiley:
Unfortunatly I haven't had time to test the D7 image finally...

Cheers and happy developing

Hey guys,

are there maybe some users that tried x-wrt on these devices or can explain why to use x-wrt instead of openwrt?

Any other ideas about how to increase output of 5 GHz and Performance (Hardware-offloading)?