5GHz not working


is there a possibility to export all packages that have been added while running make menuconfig? I recompiled my openWRT but it now lacks 5GHz and I suppose i might be missing packages?

I did not save the binary but I have another Accesspoint that runs a working openWRT. If there is a possibility to exctract the firmware I was fine with that, too.


maybe you could SSH into working router and from there

lsmod -l
cfg80211              508781  5 mt76x2_common,mt76x02_lib,mt7603e,mt76,mac80211
cmac                    2642  0 
compat                  1307  2 mac80211,cfg80211,[permanent]
drbg                   17586  0 
gpio_button_hotplug     6770  0 
hmac                    2674  0 
jitterentropy_rng       7657  0 
leds_gpio               3346  0 
libsha256               8868  1 sha256_generic
mac80211              690412  4 mt76x2e,mt76x02_lib,mt7603e,mt76
mt76                   51387  4 mt76x2e,mt76x2_common,mt76x02_lib,mt7603e
mt7603e                40380  0 
mt76x02_lib            46311  2 mt76x2e,mt76x2_common
mt76x2_common          12674  1 mt76x2e
mt76x2e                10593  0 
mtd_rw                  1154  0 
seqiv                   1778  0 
sha256_generic          2653  0 

to list which modules are loaded
it may give you a clue :slight_smile:

WiFi support is usually enabled based on the device, so it's easy to look it up based on the model of the hardware. Which device are we talking about?