5ghz not turning on by it self

Hi, I have recently installed lasted Openwrt 21.02 and seems to have this problem my 5ghz radio channel doesn't come up by default onces it turns off, I have to manually restart the 5ghz radio channel in order to get it working again.
Router IAM using is: Linksys 3200 ACM
Any help/suggestion would be nice.
Kinds regards

As an AP or a Client? Using what channel?

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Hi thank you for replying,
Mode AP and channel auto (auto pick up)
(If the 5ghz is not connected to any devices it turns off by it self and it Nevers comes back on even if the new device wants to connect to WiFi, in order to connect I manually have to restart the radio 1 which setup as 5ghz).

What channel is auto assigning it to? Is it DFS?
Set it manually to 36 (or any other non-dfs channel) and i'm sure it will be more reliable.

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Sure thanks let me try setting it up manually and see if that works, I believe the DFS is not enabled.