5GHz is not supported, so bridge on 2.4GHz

hi guys i have an asus rt51u
i now that the 5ghz band is not supported in openwrt.

So i had set the router as wlan bridge on 2.4ghz.

Now the question, the router had 2 antennas,
is the bridge using booth or only 1?

is it better to use one of them to send/recieve with router1 and the secound antenna is using as access point?

thanks for reading my long text,
and thanks for answers,
best regards

This is a MediaTek chip, or?
If you look at OpenWrt Wiki it says MediaTek MT7610E. I think there is a driver! Please add kmod-mt76x0e?

For your initial question: Yeah, it is much better to use two different radios on non-interferring channels, to do a mesh setup. I would suggest you use the 5 GHz for meshing, because it provides a much greater bandwidth. And put the access network to 2.4 GHz. Sometimes client devices only have 2.4 GHz support.

ok, now i have all to do...

but the wifi signal always cuts down.

ok for example i connect to an wpa2 wifi-signal,
and will bridge it to an normal personal wpa2 network.

always if are the two online the "client" and the master,
one of them sucks down...

what is the solotion?
i mean for sure they are on the same channel,
but normaly it should work or?

for info this is my first openwrt-software,
because i think it was possible to build a wlan bridge.

maybe please one of yours could help me,
best regards, and thanks

so my fast solution was,
i bought a used netgear router,
which has 2 radios,
one for 2.4ghz and one for 5ghz.

the 18.6 luci functions very good.

So thanks peaple,
one little question is still alive,
AP and Client is not possible at the same time or?

No. This is expected behavior. Creating 2 SSIDs on the same chip/band effectively halves your throughput (in theory).

  • Depends on the WiFi chip, Atheros ath9k and ath10k-based devices are definitely capable, while Broadcom-based chips are generally not
  • Also, it's important to note that the client SSID must remain up and connected at all times for the AP SSID to remain online

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