5Ghz channel 171 in EU/UK - didn't work


How can I get channel 171 working on 5Ghz?

I have:

Mode N
Channel 13
20 dBm

Mode AC
Channel 157 (5.785 GHz)
80 Mhz
9 dBm

Currently I used 2.4 Ghz channel 13 and channel 157 5Ghz because all the lower bands are congested. I want to get 5Ghz working on a higher channel such as Channel 171.

I changed the 5 Ghz to channel 173, and the radio1 went to dissassociated.

--- dBm
Mode: Master | SSID: O5
Wireless is not associated

It came back when I changed it to channels 165 and 169, but these did not show in the lula Channel Analysis, and none of my devices on 5Ghz could see the ssid. These came back on channel 157.

Channel 171 ought to work because it's allowed for UK/EU:

Ch 165 is Ch 171.

You specify the base ch of the bandwith group (the groups devided in 20MHz ch) you want to use (Ch 165) and then specify the bandwith you want to use in that group (80MHz) and then the driver do some magic fix so the hardware use ch 171.

Usually OEM firmware only show the base Ch so you only can choose them and bandwith.

But OpenWrt shows all Ch even though you cant choose anything other that the base Ch.

Thanks. This makes sense.

Why didn't channel 165 set to 80Mhz work?

Do you have a wrt3200acm?
Or what device do you have?

Does 40MHz bw work?

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TP-Link Archer TP200

Never used 80 mhz. I shall try this evening.

Hard to say if the fault is drivers or weather radar until we know what works and what doesn’t work.

Any log messages?

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Because there is no such thing (that number references a 20 MHz channel). Try "155" if you want 80 MHz. See:

From: https://support.metageek.com/hc/en-us/articles/203532644-802-11ac-Channels

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