5ghz channel 165 missing on wrt32x wrt1900ac wrt1200ac

Does anyone have any insight on why channel 165 is missing on the linksys WRT series? I realize it's only a 20mhz wide channel, but it's wide open in most cases and that can be more valuable in congested areas. (for example XFINITY routers never touch it)

i can select channel 165 on a unifi AC lite access point running openwrt, but cannot any of my linksys WRT series.

Is there a way to enable it?


Someone must know this?

What your WiFi chip manufactured before 2013?

I dont think so. It looks like ch 165 isnt listed in the mlwifi driver for the marvell AC chips.

A lot of people have these routers, they are designed for openwrt out of the box.

I wonder if I can try adding it myself. This driver looks 2 or 3 years old...and not many people use 165 due to the width of 20mhz....hmmm.

Yes, and no. Patchy wifi support due to closed source firmware binaries and no resource allocated to doing anything about it.

Driver might be easy enough to modify, but will the firmware (which you can't modify) accept the changes? You probably won't know without trying, but it could be very disappointing