5G usb dongle reccomendations

I am using for a couple of years a 4G usb dongle Huawei 3372s in a few installations and i am looking for an upgrade. I would like to ask if someone has to propose any good 5G usb dongle.

Have you seen any, at all..?

Seen one, but it was $200.

i have not seen any to be honest.
$200 is way too much.

It all depends on the port you are going to plug the dongle in. If it is a USB 2 port I personally would not bother upgrading since there probably won't be any real speed increase.

Most of my routers have USB 3.0

You could use M.2 or PCIe card with adapter. Dongles aren't big in the market any more and always had rather low performance because the 500mA power available from a USB-A port really isn't enough for a proper cell modem.

I would wait a bit more to see what the market will bring for usb 5G dongles. Thanks a lot for your replies