5G router with openwrt

I am looking for a router with openwrt support

all in one ?

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+1 for NR7101. Fantastic device!

I'm looking for something more for internal use with the possibility of connecting an antenna. how to use rj11 telephone

you mean an outdoor device cannot be used indoors ?

then you're probably left with some DIY solutions.

yeah, that part isn't very likely to happen.
get a VoIP box on the side.

if you can settle for 4G speeds up to ~250mbit or so, there's the MF286D, it got connectors for external antennas, and two RJ11 ports, not sure those are supported by Openwrt though.

If you’re thinking of connecting an outdoor (presumably panel) antenna then aren’t you as well to have the entire router outdoors anyway? Either way, cable will have to be run through wall.

B818-263 had an RJ11 socket but it didn’t work that well in that it dropped down to 3G to use the call. Also not OpenWrt, albeit bridge mode to OpenWrt modem worked fine.

With the NR7101 it’s theoretically possible to route calls over the wire but I don’t think anybody has bothered to figure it out. That would be a project for a rainy month.