50+ Active Device with Raspberry

Hi All,

I’m planing to replace my router with openwrt + raspberry.

Currently I have 50+ device in my network
Most of them are plugs, lamps
10 are laptop, phone , pc, appletv, alexa, wifi acess point.. heavy web traffic
Rest very very low traffic..
most of them are connected with gbic switch.
100mbit internet speed
Most of them has static ip adress (device gui or router.)

My concern is will it be ok to run this network on raspbery pi?
İf yes

what is the max active connection with a Raspberry device 3+ or 4 ? Which one do you recomed?

Can I assign static ip from the gui of openwrt to 50+ device?


Basically the answer is yes, max active connections is in the tens of thousands and everything will work fine.


Any hardware recomendation for this network?

And can I route some trafic like soecific ip adress to a vpn?


You can do any kind of fancy routing. RPi4, tp-link or Zyxel consumer managed switch, and some kind of access point.