4G tethering outdoor powerful router

Greetings OpenWrt community.

We are building cabins in a remote area with no internet. Satellite is out of the question.
I require a strong router that can penetrate concrete and cover largest area possible. Internet through usb tethering. Internet speed is not a factor at all. I am not interested in any other solutions(extenders,etc). Thanks a lot!

The problem is even if you got such setup your clients also need a strong signal to reply to the router. You can't connect to this network with a smartphone far away because router can't hear smartphone's signals.

You will be much better with an AP on every cabin.

The ideal way is to wire every cabin with ethernet, but you can also go with a Mesh network if speed is not an issue.

I would also recommend going with 2.4 ghz. It penetrates concrete better, and since you are in a remote area congestion is not an issue.


Yup. "penetrate concrete" and "multiple cabins" using only high-power wifi only has even the slightest chance of working only with client devices with high transmit power.

But the reality is, it'll be cheaper and easier to penetrate concrete using other solutions: