4G modem purchase suggestion

What @bmork said.

The voice ports aren't supported, VoLTE handled outside the device shouldn't be an issue?

Yes, that's what I meant.

No, but since I will obtain a mf286d imminently, and an openwrt fork is rumored to support it, I wondered.

Could you elaborate on that? What does it mean "handled outside the device"?

If you have a 2nd device handling VoLTE, MF286D lacking it shouldn't be an issue?

Support what? The fxs ports on the MF286D? Well, the OEM firmware supports them That's not a rumour, it's a fact.

Can we please reset this?

I have a mf286d now and I will try and access it via serial console in the next few days; the plan is to use it as modem and AP.
My current doubts with regard to it running openwrt are:

  • From what I read the stock firmware uses numerous partitions; are some to be kept?
  • Is the modem firmware something to be updated/obtained separately, possibly from the stock image?
  • Can it be used in some form of bridge mode to expose the public IP to the router?


You should not install OpenWrt if you need a bridge mode.
For other questions please join one of the existing threads dedicated to MF286.

VoLTE works for me with Nordic B12 modem firmware and Openwrt on the mf286d over Three UK.

Cool, would you be able to outline the steps you took to get that to work? I've wondered about seeing if I could set up a softphone by passing audio data over ethernet.

The mf286d has fxs rj11 ports which are independent to the ethernet ports and directly connect to the modem on the mf286d, I've connected a dect phone and managed to make and receive volte calls.

Oh I see, gotcha. I did that on my B818-263, but with Vodafone UK that resulted in it dropping down to 3G to make the calls. So it was hopeless. But with Three yours stays on 4G?


I think I can find confirmation of it working on Vodafone too

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