4G modem not working on another usb port

I have a x86 OpenWrt installation, I have connected a 4g modem through a usb port on a thunderbolt hub. The modem works fine using modemmanager and I get internet connection. However, when I want to change the usb port to a different one on the same hub, using the same cable, the modem interface is showing "Network device is not present", no matter how much I restart the interface or restart the router, it just won't detect it (ssh-ing in the router and lsusb is listing the device just fine). None of the other ports works too, only the initially working one. Is there a specific setting I can change in order to tell modemmanager to look for the device on a different port?

Are you using Luci to configure this?

You'll need to reselect the modem. The device is specified explicitly in relation to its location in the usb tree.

You should see the device defined in /etc/config/network


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