4G Modem for Raspberry Pi 4

I consider using my Pi 4 4GB with a 4G modem and OpenWRT as a router/modem combination.

They contract I have I mind promises 200 Mbit, so what modem is recommended for that?

Planned is, to have them connect to our Nova Mesh Network.

Assume you mean 200 mbit/s.

Well, they dont sell this anymore and idk how to connect a M2 on a Pi.

They do, and it's all in the thread.

take a look on Huawei 3372. it comes in different brands(depending on the provider) and in 2 flavours https://forum.openwrt.org/t/rock-solid-24-7-lte-stick/125083/2?u=atux_null

Yup, but the em7455 is faster, 2x the speed, or so.

If you really want decent LTE performance you might like to consider the LTE Cat19 B818-263:

... and run everything through a VPN if you don't like the idea of Huawei having visibility of your traffic.

Check out these LTE stats using only the indoor aerials:


This is with having this unit on its side, face down, underneath a window and parallel to the wall. Yes, I am that sad that I have spent hours optimizing location and orientation. Naturally buying outdoor antennas would have been better, but my local cell tower doesn't support carrier aggregation (just the one band) so I'm limited to 80Mbit/s or so - and I already get pretty close to that subject to congestion.

BTW @ShalokShalom if you want to use CAKE /w LTE you can use my adaptive rate script:

Bonus of this device is that you can plug in a regular telephone in the RJ45 socket and it will present that to your network and allow you to make calls using any bundled minutes provided as part of the SIM card. So this can also entirely replace your landline and save you the associated line rental. Only caveat is that some countries have not whitelisted 4G modems to use VoLTE and thus it may have to drop down to 3G to make/receive calls.

An alternative is to use phone tethering and just connect a regular android phone via USB.