4G/LTE Router recommendations

I'm looking for an LTE router for use in a vehicle.

It should have:

  • built-in 4G with Sim slot
  • good range of European bands
  • two connectors for an external 4G antenna
  • 2.4G & 5G bands
  • 802.11 n
  • USB socket(s) and/or memory card slot
  • decent processor / ram etc
  • stable OpenWRT

From another thread, one possibility is the GL-iNet GL-X750.

Are there any other good choices?


I would avoid anything with less than 16 MB of flash or less than 128 MB of RAM.

GL.iNet has a unit designed for commercial, mobile use (GL-X1200 "Amarok", the black one with 7 antennas in some photos on their site), but I don’t know your price range, nor its single-quantity pricing.


Unless physical constraints prohibit it, you might want to look at a card in a case with USB 3 connection to another unit. Most of the all-in-one LTE units I am aware of are single-core MIPS-based SoCs, not multi-core ARM. While probably adequate for LTE speeds, single-core MIPS-based SoCs typically struggle with high-rate connectivity (over a few hundred mbps).

Very low cost: ZBT-WE826T (only 2.4GHz)
Low cost: ZBT-WE1026-5G

MT7621-based device for vehicle, from ZBT on special request. Based on ZBT-WG3526

I used all of them. With Huawei 960e in the past, and now Quectel EC25.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Around $270 for the GL-X1200, but it doesn't appear to have OpenWrt or Rooter support which rules it out.

The ZBT WE1026-5G looks similar to the GL.iNet X750? But with 4xSMB sockets for WiFi and LTE.

I'd prefer a smaller footprint although physical constraints aren't critical.

EM7565 pls