4G LTE router better than Huawei B316-855 or VPN trick?

Unfortunately, someone at work has bought a Huawei B316-855. Something is using all the bandwidth and this useless thing can't tell me which device it is.

  1. What LTE router SHOULD we have bought? How can I make a case for throwing away this brand new purchase? There's a few threads on this made before but many are old and this is not a mobile router.

  2. Is there some way I can use the built in VPN support somehow and keep the connection super-fast? I could rent a cheap SSH shell server or Amazon Lightsail and route everything through that to monitor the bandwidth. This has the added bonus of having traffic shielded from the ISP. If I use Amazon AWS servers and it's my own server it should be very fast, right?

You could put another router in front of the Huawei on the LAN side, with the features you need....

AFAIK traffic isn't free with the cloud providers, they usually charge you for the outgoing data.


Fantastic, fantastic idea! Maybe I'll use a Raspberry Pi and dual use it too