4G/LTE recommendation (incl. AES NI)


I am looking for recommendation what router to buy.

I want to operate it via a SIM card (4G or LTE), either directly in the router or via an USB dongle.

The HW can be low end, I will only be using it in one room for browsing and YouTube. Still I would need a CPU capable of AES NI.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Get a modem on a stick - usb based, or use an old cell phone, connected to
the router via USB.

Pair it with some AES Ni capable router device with an USB port.

Thanks for the feedback frollic. I do not have an old cellphone, could you recommend products for a modem on a stick and a low end router (AES NI) which can run on OpenWRT?

Huawei 3372, or 3276, there are obviously other brands too.

start here Which WiFi routers have hardware AES encryption support? - #8 by nolseek

Thanks again frollic, I will look into this.
Just one general question, if I buy a router with an USB port, do they generally support USB modems or would that need to be mentioned in the specs?

the modem support comes from openwrt, not the router hw, but it never hurts to check ( = search the forum) here if a specific modem is supported / have been tested with openwrt.

Go for @frollic advice.
I used a E3372s for a few years with a few cheap routers supported by openwrt ( asus rt51u, have tested with tplink archer C50, wr1043 v2, TL-WDR4300 v1.5, C20i v1 ( wifi issue 2.4ghz on heavy download ) even a mini MI xiaomi ( same issue as tp C20i with 2.4ghz )
3372s work like a charm at 1st install. Jus install the correct modules after upgrade to openwrt.
Any 8/64 mem openwrt compatible with a usb port will be fine, 16/128 will be perfect.
I just replaced the E3372 by a B315s-22 bridge mode a few momths ago.

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