4G/LTE Modem Recommendations?

Lol, I’m just cursed…

I found my browser chronology and that’s what is happened:


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Can't always trust the ToH, use online image builder as reference.

I use ngff to usb adapter with sim cards, and use dell dw5821e cat 16 modem module (you could use any other modem module that uses ngff), and it works very well



That’s great I never imagined was possible to make m2 work trough usb just with an adapter! I will try, much appreciated!

It depends on the exact M.2 product and its keying.

Some keyings support USB on some of the pins, some are exclusively PCIe. In some cases if a keying supports both PCIe and USB, the device itself may only support one.

I'm unaware of any method to connect a PCIe-only device to a USB host, only M.2 devices that use the USB lines of their keying will work like this.

The DW5821e is B-key - which supports USB 3.0 and 2 PCIe x1 lanes, plus HSIC/SSIC which are USB over different PHY layers (intended for internal use on motherboards, etc - HSIC was extremely common back in Android phones in the early 2010s, such as the Snapdragon 600 + separate modem, as I think that generation was only ever released as an APQ.) It clearly is not using the PCIe lanes for its functionality.

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I have an wrt1900 which i see isn't updated that i don't use but i should use two m2 one for sim slot, another for modem.

Or i saw this " YY3568 " that when i seen it for the first time i searched for some info here but nothing.

I think could run Openwrt reading this post: R68s a new openwrt arm device. RK3568 2*2.5G+2*1G - #58 by tiberio87 , just because buying something like pi5 in italy will cost me double price, circa 200 euros.

But again no dev board have sim slot like pi4 orange and so on, so i think i should try with this

Not listed but enough to do anything with it https://linuxgizmos.com/rockchip-dev-kit-comes-with-2x-gbe-and-wi-fi-bt-5-0-connectivity/

Not to hijack a thread, but does it make sense to get Fibocom L850-GL over trustworthy EM7455 with USB enclosure in mind?