4g lte cellular modem router without wi-fi - wired only

I 'd like to buy an opensource operated 4G / Lte modem router
without wi-fi without bluetooth
with very good speed and RAM size - to enable future options

The device is intended for atationary use - to be directly powered from
wall outlet without battery - to provide web access for one computer

Being a novice on these matters i intend to learn things thoroughly but for now
i prefer a friendly GUI - with easy (as close as possible to automatic) initial
configuration of web access via Cellular carrier, frequent & (as close as possible to) automatic online updates for the long run

Am i being realistic ?
Can you suggest a suitable device ?
I'd appreciate any feedback

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I've got just the device for you. Let me see if I can dig out a link. where are you based?

This is the one. Take a look at the specs. I've brought their 'BRUME' and 'MUDI' devices for customization, which I posted yesterday, and they gave me 5% off them. If you're interested I can try and get a 5% code for this device.


The Spits looks really good, just bear in mind one thing in case it matters to you: the built-in switch is not Gigabit:

Two 10/100M Ethernet ports, One USB 2.0, One MicroSD card slot

I started a similiar thread:
My motivation for no wifi and no battery is to prevent the ISP from labeling it as a "Mobile Hotspot".

The thread has 2 links that show the build on a Rasberry Pi3.

If you have other reasons for no wifi, most routers allow you to disable it.