464xlat configuration

I am using openWRT 19.07.2, and have installed 464xlat package on it. When I add an interface with protocol "464xlat", the only parameter to configure is NAT46 prefix (which will become "ip6prefix xxxx" in /etc/config/network file).

But I think there should be two IPv6 prefix for clat: one for destination (something similar to 64:FF9B::/96) and one for source.

I have tried every possible configuration but can make it work. Does anybody have any experience to configure 464xlat?

I have been trying to test 464xlat myself on OpenWrt.

Have found some forum posts talking about 464xlat being autoconfigured when setup. But little about what needs to be in place for the autoconfiguration to happen.

In our network we have setup a NAT64/DNS64 server that is announcing 64:FF9B::/96 in our network and is being used as the NAT64 prefix.

We have not setup any protocols to assure the router fetching this automatically. So i had to speficy this prefix myself on OpenWrt.

So in the /etc/config/network file, this is specified like this.

config interface 'wan'
option proto '464xlat'
option ip6prefix '64:FF9B::/96'

And except from this, i have regular ipv6 configuration on the router. SLAAC + DHCPv6 PD

I hope this helps