40mbps Flint 2 SQM settings help

The ISP is TIM and my router is plugged into their modem via PPPoE (took me 3 days to find out how to properly connect them since the modem doesn't have bridge mode). The modem is the TIM HUB DGA4132, which has a DSL cable plugged into

If you’re using the OEM GL firmware based on OpenWrt 21, it will not shape uploads speeds after a reboot due to a bug, you can test it, on vanilla 23.05.3 works fine

Now as you can see from the images above the latency is perfect luckily

Yes, reboot the router and test again, that was a headache for me, vanilla is rock solid based on my tests

so if i reboot and it goes nuts again i need to install the vanilla firmware?

No, after a reboot it will stop shaping the upload speed and latency should increase, just by disabling it, applying settings and enabling it again it starts working normally again, or you can just restart it via ssh too, try and let me know

In case the bug is still there tho the only permanent solution is switching to vanilla, no?

I won’t be there, I tested a lot of times, there’s a discussion on the GL.iNET forum. If there’s a power drop it won’t shape uploads speeds until you restart SQM, so to be sure just test

yup, rebooting it caused the upload latency to increase again. So what should I do, install vanilla openwrt? I don't want to switch on and off SQM every time power goes off honestly (yeah, sometimes my family tends to forget there's a limit to the kW)

This is the result with 22 overhead bytes:

I’d recommend you vanilla if you’re comfortable otherwise check this post on the glinet forum, your fix might be here:

This seems to be the only actual solution for the original firmware if i'm not mistaken

Yes, seems like they will fix it soon, I will still stay with vanilla

Can confirm the restart command on boot works