3g/4g/LTE USB Stick

So instead of sharing my Google Fi data via my phone I'm considering using a small LEDE devices with the USB dongle.

Is there a globally available sort of "recommended" stick to be used with LEDE, ideally LTE-capable?

A few days ago I made this post: USB Modems - Are they Dinosaurs?
Seems like in the US that the USB modem is being replaced by the USB powered hotspot (possibly tethered to a tablet etc). Not sure about the ROW

What I understand is that there are now the pre-qualified modules like the Dragonfly and Skywire which are suppose to reduce the effort the carriers need to qual a product for their network. Not up to speed on all this. Jetpacks at Verizon. AT&T devices

Problem is the stand alone devices either need a cable or battery, which is too much kit for travel in my opinion. With the 4G in the phones, not sure that buying more hardware and a second plan\card makes much sense unless it's a business expense.

Choices are slim in general, so I suspect that considering the global variations in the frequency bands, it's easier to use a multiband phone.

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