3 wan configuration

Im looking for a 3 ISP wan configuration, and if anyone try something like this
One connection is pppoe 1Gbps , second dhcp ip by mac address 1Gbbps and third is an Adsl bridge from provider router, with 200Mbps.
Im using a linksys 1900ac

will work such a configuration ? I can use load balancing ? is good for video like Netflix apple tv, ? is good for gaming ? etc

What do you think about all this ?
Thank you in advance

Yes, possible to do.

Load balancing? Only on a connection-by-connection basis. You can't split a single TCP/IP connection over multiple links unless you have control of both end points (the outgoing packets you send how you want, but the return packets always come back to the IP that originated them).

Is it good for...? All depends on the quality of your connections. Two, good-quality, gigabit lines should be able to handle that without effort. Then again, so should a single, good-quality, 200-mbps line.

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if I do have control on both ends(like Wireguard to one of my VPS) is it possible to load blancing between wans to speed up the VPN, assume enought cpu power on router to do this?

unless you have much more CPU than a wrt1900 the encryption is the bottleneck not a gigabit line

It's run on VM on Haswell i5, my ISP's setting is somewhat weird that each port of modem get independent bandwidth.

CPU requirements are on both ends. haswell i5 and wireguard is probably cpu limited to just about 1G maybe a little more

From experience both with OpenWrt/ mwan3 and commercial 'business-grade' implementations, load balancing is a pain to begin with (making sure that running sessions don't break, especially in high security contexts, while retaining dynamic reshuffling and fallback capabilities, etc.). Yes, you can mitigate these somewhat by making sessions virtually originate from a remote endpoint in a data centre via VPN (or with the assistance of your ISP's multi-WAN contracts), but this remains problematic with heavily asymmetric lines such as your assortment of different throughputs, overheads, lags and underlying technologies - also keep in mind that by using an endpoint in an external data centre, you now lose the fallback capabilities again (single point of failure) and reduce your speed to that of the external VPN host (unlikely to be above 1 GBit/s, so likely below the accumulated bandwidth of your lines) - even if both endpoints can deal with the encryption.

Unless you have strong reasons to do otherwise, I'd suggest to either use the smaller lines as fallback only or to segment your network into multiple parts, each served by a dedicated uplink (with fallbacks prepared) - neither of those are perfect, but they'd safe you a lot of pain.

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im at 4 isp wan config now, 2 wans from wired modem, 2 from wireless wan, im not expert on mwan3 configs, at these moment im still learning, im not running incredibles bandwiths as you, so i cant help u on that, i have a little doubt, if gigabyte lan ports are max 1gbps speed, how can u bond 2 isp (1 gbps each) and get more than port max speed?

Some interesting info i have found while im testing and learning:

  • I can use load balancing ?
    yes, mwan3 will balance 2 wan minimun, well configured, it can deal multiple wan(s), but it only can balance 2 at the same time, if one of those fail, it will replace them with the 3rd one.

  • is good for video like Netflix apple tv, ?
    This point im still confused, u want to be able to get more download speed on those services?
    actual answer is NO, why? because those services can be used only with 1 IP address provided by 1 of your ISP connection, im still testing few things in order to know if theres a way to get this services use mwan3 potential.

  • is good for gaming ?
    lets review my case on games, my primary isp is not working properly, when im gaming online, it will start with my primary isp (wan), if it fail, depending on the game, it will kick u out of the server round, or will try to reconnect, in case of reconnecting, when primary wan fail, it will immediately switch to wan2, server round will rejoin me into game and continue playing, at begining ping will be unstable, after some secs or minutes, ping will stabilize.

Remember this is my personal review and experiences, you can face issues different than mine.
PD: if need it, i can share my mwan3 config file.

Thank you all of you writing about it
In a way i was think a bit more about my 3 ISP and one of them will be out of , just because I payed to much for 200mbps , and ofc its enough to have those 2 isp with 1gbbps each .
Im thinking to have my game working well with low latency , using one of the line that is better on that time when I play. And also if my wife is watching netflix to use the isp that is good for , and etc for the rest of application
Right now Im just using default luci mwan3, and Im thinking if is usable to install qoa or qam ?
Thank you again