3 OpenWrts on Network Configuration Question

Excellent @mpa ! thanks for the additional direction. Yes, each AP is wired and has the same VLANs config as the gateway router. Both router and APs same config as follows:

Just so I'm clear, you're saying on the APs I need to change all the VLAN WAN ports from off to tagged? Then turn off the firewall, dnsmasq and the DHCP servers on each VLAN? Then the gateway router will handle the WiFI DHCP requests?

Currently the main aggregate Ethernet switch's ports are already configured to default a specific VLAN ID for corresponding untagged traffic, and are configured to accept all tagged VLAN ID traffic. Sounds like I'm there, I'll know tonight when I head down to building and plug each AP in. :slight_smile:

Change these values, DHCP off...