3 different ssid with same radio

hi there
is it safe to use 3 ssid with same radio (5ghz )
1- ssid for batman-mesh network
2- WDS wlan bridge
3- client ssid with 802.1X
is there problem with bit rate if all these 3 ssid in use in same time ?
is there any other problem with it ?

You can confirm what your wireless allow with

iw phy

I would strongly recommend against re-using the same ESSID for different BSSIDs with differing authentification requirements. While the OpenWrt side would allow it, it can have desastrous effects on the clients trying to connect (taking the first best BSSID randomly, failing, not trying any further).

  1. should not be a problem, normal clients can use a WDS enabled interface just fine.
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nice sound
each BSSID have different ESSID as shown :
1 - batman-adv for meshing between APS only with there own mesh_id
2- wds for router in some place which connect directly to aps by wds bridge with there own ssid
3 - 802.1x for client smart phone or pc ...etc which have there own ssid different from 1 and 2
is it O.K for my aps to have 3 ssid in same radio ?
thank you

Most radio chips / drivers can do that.

Meshing realizes its full potential when all of the inter-node network links are mesh. I don't see a reason to mix WDS and mesh in a network, use one or the other.

Also as @slh said, you can enable WDS on a regular AP and regular clients can still connect non-WDS. This should work with 802.1X as well, it should be possible to authenticate the WDS links into a different VLAN.