28J60 Ethernet Adapter on R Pi 3B+

I am trying to get a second Ethernet port running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, the aim being to create a router where the second port can 'see' the outside world via the R Pi.

I have used the Pulpstone image here and it works nicely - a device attached to the R Pi's WLAN can see the Internet.

I have added a second Ethernet port using SPI. This has worked with other setups where I enabled SPI and added dtoverlay=enc28j60 into the config.txt.in /boot.

In the case of the Pulpstone image SPI is already enabled in config.txt. I have tried adding dtoverlay=enc28j60 and also installing enc28j60 using opkg install enc28j60 (which seemed to install ok) but when I list the IP links using ip link show I only see lo, eth0, wlan0 and br-lan. I would have expected to see an eth1 for the new Ethernet port.

Any ideas how to get the second Ethernet port working?

You need to ask in Pulpstone forums, on OpenWrt there is no "enc28j60" package, it must be something they added to their own customized firmware.

I'd like to point out that SPI is a very slow interface, good for microcontrollers like Arduino.

A USB-ethernet dongle is much faster.

Thanks but in fact enc28j60 is not really anything to do with Pulpstone - it's a standard driver for a popular Microchip Ethernet controller.

I can't use a USB dongle for various reasons.

Anyway, I'll ask on the Pulpstone forum to see if anyone knows how I can get it working.

Yes I know what that hardware is and that on Raspbian (for example) it works fine by just editing the config file.
Open source projects decide what to compile and ship in their own project. Many projects base their firmware on OpenWrt but add packages, scripts and whole web interfaces that cannot be found in OpenWrt so asking for assistence here about them is pointless.
Like for example Rooter, or GL.inet hardware vendor's stock firmware.

OpenWrt hardware driver packages are called kmod-something and I'm not finding any package called enc28j60 defined in OpenWrt source, so I don't know what is the package that you installed.

Anyway, assuming that package is providing the driver, you can check that the driver is loaded with
lsmod | grep enc28j60
(it should print a line showing it is loaded)

and try to load it with
insmod enc28j60

Many thanks for your reply. I have just tried this:

root@Pulpstone-OpenWrt:~# lsmod | grep enc28j60
root@Pulpstone-OpenWrt:~# insmod enc28j60
Failed to find enc28j60. Maybe it is a built in module ?

...but without success as you can see. Perhaps this is going to be rather difficult.

I would have expected that with a router project like OpenWRT that many people would be experimenting with various Ethernet port configurations but perhaps not.

For various reasons the Ethernet port in my project must be on SPI - is there perhaps some other similar but more popular SPI adapter option that is known to work?

Hi. any solution?

See Add enc28j60 on Rpi2

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