23.05.0-rc4: Channel Analysis gets wifi clients disconnected

On 23.05.0-rc4, in Luci, if you go Channel Analysis page your wifi clients are getting disconnected. They reconnect back in a few seconds. But that is not a usual behaviour, is it?
Platform ramips/mt7621

I thought this was expected, as the AP need to scan all channels.


I have never noticed that on earlier versions :thinking:

Not to be expected at all.

Another thread about why it occurs and why it's expected - at least on OpenWrt:

From posts in various threads, a lot of people using OEM channel scanners don't seem to observe such an issue. Yet, I assumed it was common and normal, especially on 5.4 GHz (mostly because of regulatory reasons, but I've written before how some OEMs seem to have WiFI behavior that defies common understanding of said radio regulations).


For a few years prior to this day, I've been using Channel Analysis on OpenWRT from my phone and never had an issue like that. When did it become expected, I wonder :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I gather you didn't review the literature in the threads.

Perhaps there's new information on this?

Wow, interesting. I've always experienced the issue on 5.4 GHz APs running OpenWrt. So that's been since version 17.

Thank you. So drivers for my platform got an update and now it's a norm.

Your statement lost me. My apologies if you thought I was implying a driver update or something caused this. You inquired how long has it been expected in OpenWrt, that's the inquiry I answered. I thought that was understood from the dates of the conversations (i.e. I said since version 17).

Can you provide the make/model of your device, please?

You quoted someone say that wifi behavior depends on the drivers. So the new drivers must be causing the new behavior for me. redmi ac2100

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I surmised you reviewed the entire literature. Feel free to review entire thread(s) for the full context. The quote also mentioned regulatory domain as noted/discussed already too. Now I understand why I was lost. Thanks for the clarification.

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