23.05.0 - Broken wifi on Asus AC85P

Hi there, I just upgraded all my network equipment to 23.05, my main router being an Asus AC85P, several Zyxel Multy satellites and a couple netgear switches. Everything went fine except on the main router where my wireless interfaces are now listed as Generic Unknown. Is that a bug or a configuration that needs updating on my end? That router was on the latest 22.x before, and pretty much everything else was on a snapshot version as they weren't yet supported in the stable release.

How did you perform the upgrade? I've seen some reports of packages not getting included correctly when using the attended sysupgrade because of package name changes and splits.

I used regular sysupgrade, attended sysupgrade tried to install packages that didn't exist anymore, so it seemed cleaner to go the sysupgrade route. I then reinstalled extra packages I had from /etc/backup/installed_packages.txt, skipping the ones that didn't exist anymore.

Turns out the MT7615E drivers were missing, they've probably been omitted from the sysupgrade image.

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